Offering five levels of senior care that include new Independent Living apartments.

Offering five levels of senior care that include new Independent Living apartments.

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In-House Rehabilitation Services in Modesto, CA

Casa de Modesto’s In-House Rehabilitation

Casa de Modesto Retirement Center provides in-house rehabilitation care for individuals that have suffered an illness or injury in Modesto, CA. We focus on rehabilitating each patient to return to their healthy and active lifestyle. We have a professional staff of occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech pathologists who work with our residents daily. In-house rehabilitation includes diabetic care, wound care, speech and respiratory therapy, stroke and cardiac care recovery, nutrition management, and more. Contact us for more information.

In-House Rehabilitation at Casa de Modesto

In-House Rehabilitation at Casa de Modesto

Our dedicated and compassionate staff of physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech/language pathologists form a team with one goal – to return each patient to their prior level of healthy living in the shortest amount of time. Our department services are available to our residents and those who have a doctor’s prescription for rehabilitation on an outpatient basis after injury or illness.

Benefits of Senior In-House Rehabilitation

In-house rehabilitation services offer many benefits during recovery, including:

  • Comprehensive Treatment Program – You get comprehensive treatment in one location without needing to travel and risk complications.
  • Around-The-Clock Care – Fully trained staff members supervise progress and care throughout the day and night, allowing you to heal faster and progress further.
  • Supervised Treatment – A structured day involves close supervision that is devoted to ongoing issues and therapy.
  • Available Amenities – Patients have access to all services and amenities, including social activities, provided meals, and comfortable living.
In-House Rehabilitation at Casa de Modesto

Our Rehabilitation Services 

Our in-house rehabilitation services include:

  • Physical, Occupational and Orthopedic Therapies for residents and outpatients
  • Assistance with Medicare, health coverage, and HMO coverage
  • Speech & Respiratory Therapies
  • Diabetic Care
  • Post-operative and IV therapy
  • Wound care & pain management
  • Stroke & Cardiac care recovery programs
  • Special diets and nutrition management
  • Rehabilitation for short or long-term

Specialized In-House Rehabilitation Services

Our fully trained and certified occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech pathologists work with patients on their recovery. Our specialized services include:

  • Physical Therapy –Our physical therapy services focus on gaining functional mobility after an illness or injury. Each person has a customized treatment for therapy to boost their independence and activity levels.
  • Occupational Therapy – Occupational therapy helps patients refine motor skills, bladder and bowel control, and hand and upper extremity function.
  • Speech Therapy –Speech and language therapy focuses on improving communication, reading, swallowing issues, and writing and verbal expression.

Why Choose Casa de Modesto?

Casa de Modesto focuses on a comfortable environment with multiple amenities while patients recover from illness or surgery. Since 1965, we’ve served the area with all levels of care. We take pride in the active nature of our residents while they work towards full recovery. Our trained therapists lead the recovery with care and compassion.

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Casa de Modesto Retirement Center’s In-House Rehabilitation is an excellent way to offer patients independence while recovering from illness or surgery. All of our residents are part of a larger family with us. At Casa de Modesto, we also provide Independent Living, Skilled Nursing Care, and Memory Care. Contact us today and take a virtual tour of our homes!

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