The Cook prepares and service food including texture modified and therapeutic diets according to the menu. The Cooks assist in assuring proper receiving, storage, preparation, serving, sanitation, and cleaning procedures are followed within the department.


1. Prepares food for meals, including modified textures for restricted and therapeutic diets.

2. Oversees the work of other food service personnel involved in cooking.

3. Follows instruction given by department director and/or supervisor in the preparation of meal and maintains meal schedules.

4. Prepares food by methods that conserve nutritive value and flavor. Insures foods are palatable attractive and in the proper form to meet the individual needs of the residents.

5. Assures all food items are handled properly to insure safety and sanitation standards according to State and Federal regulations.

6. Properly stores, covers, labels and dates, refrigerates and freezes necessary items.

7. Adjusts food production, as necessary, to prevent overproduction and underproduction.

8. Cleans and sanitizes kitchen equipment and food production areas using recommended cleaning agents and cleaning methods, and following established procedures and cleaning schedules.

9. Practices safety, infection control and emergency procedures according to facility standards.

10. Insures that foods are cooked and maintained at the appropriate temperatures according to the FDA Food Code, latest edition.


1. High school diploma or equivalent required.

2. Previous food service and quantity food production experience, preferably in a Skilled Nursing facility or hospital setting.

3. Knowledge of basic concepts of nutrition and diet management for regular, texture, modified, and therapeutic diets.

4. Ability to prepare large quantities of food and following standardized recipes.

5. Ability to read, understand and follow menu spreadsheets.

6. Ability to supervise dietary personnel and ensure sanitary conditions in the absences of department management.

7. Maintains a neat, clean and well-groomed appearance.

8. Ability to follow directions and complete tasks in a timely manner.

9. Must be available to work alternate shifts, holidays, and weekends as needed.

10. Must be 18 years of age or older.

11. Ability to read, write and communicate to residents, staff, families, vendors, and all business relationships in English language.

12. Ability to pass a criminal background clearance check, physical, and TB test.

13. Must be able to communicate with all levels of staff in an effective, neutral and professional manner.

14. Ability to function as a member of the team in a multi-task environment.

15. Must be flexible and able to handle multiple priorities, with the ability to adjust to high pressure and changing conditions.