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Senior Care Center in Modesto, CA

Casa de Modesto Retirement Center strives to provide the highest level of senior care. Centrally located in Modesto, California, Casa de Modesto Retirement Center offers three levels of senior care and living options. Our goal is to provide quality of life and support seniors to live independently in personal living quarters that feel like their home.

Our residents choose Casa de Modesto Retirement Center because they feel secure that their needs for housing, residential services, and nursing care will be provided on our campus. We provide a comfortable way of life, with the assurance of dignified care that residents can trust and depend on. Casa de Modesto Retirement Center, a respected registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization has served the Stanislaus community for 55 years.

To all Former Skilled Nursing Residents, Families, or Legal Entities. Due to the closure of the Skilled Nursing Facility at Casa de Modesto anyone needing to obtain Medical Records should reach out to the front office by phone at (209) 618-1619 or Nicole Castillo by email at or by phone at (209) 409-4999. These records will be available through 12/31/33.